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Talented Daughter, Brave Mother:


In the most recent interview in The Column I present two extraordinary persons. One of them is a young artist Justyna Palka, the other her mother Malgorzata Palka, the author of a biographical album about Justyna, titled She Simply Disappeared. Sadly, Justyna Palka died tragically a few years ago. Recalling her daughter’s life and accomplishments, Malgorzata recounts a story of pain but also of a life that keeps shining beyond death. It is a story of beauty, courage, and endurance.

Please take a few moments to read my conversation with Malgorzata Palka.


Celebrating Ivaana Muse’s Composition of “Snow”:

It’s been half-a-year since Ivaana Muse composed music to “Snow”—and the more I listen to her composition, the more I love it! I am so happy and humbled she chose my poem as the lyrics to her amazing work. So today I am celebrating Ivaana‘s composition—and asking that you please take a moment to listen to it! Here’s “Snow” in Sound Cloud—composed and performed by Ivaana Muse.

I also posted links to the composition, its history, and the poem itself, in the POEMS section of my website.


Article in Daily North Shore:

Highland Park Poetry 4:30:16 1Daily North Shore has published an article titled “Poets Crescendo At Madame Zuzu’s“, about the April 30 poetry event in Highland Park.
Many thanks to Julie Kemp Pick, the author of the article!



Photo by Jennifer Dotson


2016 Featured Illinois Author in Willow Review:

As the Featured Illinois Author in the 2016 issue of Willow Review, the journal of the College of Lake County,  I was interviewed by the editor Michael Latza; had several poems published in the journal, and read my poetry at the issue’s launch in the College of Lake County, on April 21, 2016.

I am deeply grateful to Michael Latza and the editorial team of Willow Review for this distinction.

click to read the interview



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