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Mistake, how would I dare
speak directly to you
when you appear dressed in crimson
and step with the dignity
of many centuries.
Your hands are white, smelling of soap;
in speaking you use secret words
drawn from the Summa Theologiae
and the Roman Missal.
In the evening you fold
your stole, alb, and cassock on a chair.
You hang your biretta on a hanger,
along with your gray, coiffed hair.
On your nightstand you put away
your hands smelling of soap.
Suddenly you have taken the shape
of a little wet bird
shivering with fear.




The Wall & Beyond
eLectio Publishing, 2013




Her poems entice you with their simplicity and ease in reading and then stand you on your head.

Joanne Stokkink, Time of Singing
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Kurowska’s beautiful, thoughtful poems implore us to quiet our minds, our selves, to widen our imagining of what god is, to transform ourselves in the process.

Wendy Vardaman, Journal of Religion And The Arts
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Readers of Polish poetry may associate this stirring experience of a clash between physical and metaphysical with the poems of Czeslaw Milosz and Zbigniew Herbert.

Katia Mitova, Sarmatian Review
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This is poetry that never lets us languish in the obscure. Kurowska helps us surpass the limits of our experience to reach for what is beyond.

Paul Gordon, Amazon
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