The Wall & Beyond


Her poems entice you with their simplicity and ease in reading and then stand you on your head.

Joanne StokkinkTime of Singing


 The Wall & Beyond, eLectio Publishing 2013


Sample poems:

Joseph Conrad
The Wall’s Corner







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“Wall in Kurowska’s text is complex and constantly in flux, like ourselves, like god. What is crucial is the empathy we extend to it, and by extension, to each other. The wall ‘does not know at all / if it will be able to justify its existence // So before you grow numb, yourself becoming a wall/ you begin to understand that it too / is full of despair.’ It is how I like to imagine god: despairing, uncertain, in need of justification. Kurowska’s beautiful, thoughtful poems implore us to quiet our minds, our selves, to widen our imagining of what god is, to transform ourselves in the process.” (Journal of Religion And The Arts)

Wendy Vardaman
Poet Laureate of Madison, Wisconsin


“[The] variety of poetic perceptions makes the collection pulsate between the in and out, small and large, particular and abstract—it makes it alive . . . .What makes Kurowska’s poetic meditations interesting is not so much the ‘pulse’ of this collection but the interruptions of the pulse: ‘being surrounded by a rough wall,’ ‘wall-like silence’. . . .Readers of Polish poetry may associate this stirring experience of a clash between physical and metaphysical with the poems of Czeslaw Milosz and Zbigniew Herbert.” (Sarmatian Review)

Katia Mitova
Author of Dream Diary


“I find that her poems have the feeling of a silence that looks at you and makes you look at the familiar; such as a wall, that suddenly makes you realize that what we touch as something solid and indifferent, is actually as evanescent as a curtain, behind which transcendence, like a dream, envelopes us.”

J. Federico Martin


Intelligent—Highly Recommended. In The Wall & Beyond, Joanna Kurowska has written a wonderful collection of poems to be enjoyed on many levels. Her imagery and phrasing is sharp and descriptive, a delight in itself. Below the beautiful transparency of her wording one is invited to go deeper to explore the symbols and questions contained in the many “wall” references. This is poetry that never lets us languish in the obscure. Kurowska helps us surpass the limits of our experience to reach for what is beyond.” (Amazon)

Eusebeia Philos


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