The Butterfly’s Choice





‘i am here because i am christian’

‘i am here because i am muslim’

‘i am here because i am jewish’

‘i am here because my buddies and i
are watching a football game in a
buffalo wild wings

these are all reasons
for me not to be here

but i am
i am




The Butterfly’s Choice
Broadstone Books 2015




The Butterfly’s Choice shines on you and won’t let go of something deep inside until you shine back.
Darryl Price, Olentangy Review
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The Butterfly’s Choice is a thrilling voyage across shifting sands of time. In this third book of her poetry, you become aware of the power of an international language harnessed creatively by a bilingual user and its dexterous employment in the hands of an accomplished writer.
Sunil Sharma, Fox Chase Review
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“Why am I the air for the world’s lungs?” Joanna Kurowska searches and yearns 
for an answer. With imagery so beautiful and poems so moving, her poetry emerges 
and takes flight, like a butterfly, with a spirit and intellect that touches the soul like
no other. The best book of poetry I’ve read in a long time.
Gloria Mindock
Publisher at Červená Barva Press






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