Stained Glass



file #3


the bus stops at the crossing street
the driver motions me with his hand
to ask for directions

me—the comer from nowhere
assigned to the file number three

immigrants—kicked out of
our talents, jobs, youth,
university, Church, socialism,
pilgrimage, tradition, Poland

we gather to talk of
old times



Stained Glass
eLectio Publishing 2016




…what makes this a stand-out collection is Kurowska’s imagery in her second, adopted language—it is fresh, pulsating, provocative, and at times beautifully sacramental.

Philip C. Kolin, Poet
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Stained Glass is a must-have collection of poetry for the soul starved searching for a tall glass of camaraderie and peace.

Amber Koneval, Poet
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…We are constantly in awe of how much meaning Kurowska can pack into so few words.

Editors at eLectio Publishing




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