Intricacies : Poems of the Heart





There is a house, old and decrepit
I can take care of only in my sleep

Here is the living room—or a bathroom—
The water on the floor must be mopped

Here is the kitchen with a tree in its midst
Oh, so many spiders running up and down!

Here is a drawer full of yellowed letters
In a desk, near the wall soft with mold

Each time I venture to walk upstairs,
My feet plunge through the cracks

Whoever distributes sleep, please
make mine last longer

So that I get smart with this house
before I wake up




Finishing Line Press 2016




….you open first, last or any page and the book starts whispering in the language of a great poetry.
Yes, it is the book that starts talking to you at the moment you touch it.
Matthew Garstecki, Amazon
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…like the speaker in Intricacies, I hoped “to get smart with this house” before the awakening of the last page, but it came too soon.
Katia Mitova
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Kurowska’s style seems sparse at times, but is laden with meaning and depth.
Arthur Turfa, Goodreads
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