God—An Apology


when I speak
you understand the language
of my language
even the language
of its body

when I don’t pray
you hear my silence

when you are not
you are

and when you are
it isn’t you

when I ask you
about that Darfur woman
her belly slit by the soldiers
her fetus thrown to the dogs, alive

you say
I am that woman


Cervena Barva Press 2014




Joanna’s poems are like soulful scrolls of the ordinary world depicted with brilliant intensity.
Ivaana Muse, Amazon
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…Her poems are at once poignant and capricious – a heady, subtle and well-controlled mix.
Debbie Young, Amazon
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Joanna Kurowska’s slender verses pray by playing and masterfully lead the reader to the realization that “knowing is letting go”.
Katia Mitova
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