“Concise Delight”


concise-delightHow delightful! The Editor of Concise Delight, Mr. Denis M. Garrison, has made the Summer 2009 issue available online. The original print-issue is a beautifully edited collection of very short poetry. There are plenty of pearls to fish for in this publication!

For me the issue has a very special significance, as one of my earliest poetry publications in English. Several of the poems included in Concise Delight (pp. 88-9) were in fact my first, shy attempts of writing in the new language. I sketched those poems on the margins of the books I was reading back then—hence their brevity!

I want to use this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to Mr. Denis M. Garrison, for including my work in this charming publication. Thank you so much!

Having my poems accepted in Concise Delight in 2009 gave me the courage to pursue writing poetry in my second language, English (which I had learned in my 30s). Since then, I have published five books of poetry in English.


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