Accumulation (a gentle word for organized hoarding) breeds containers. I am in a container that contains containers.

Plastic containers containing plastic goods, all made of petroleum for which we have been waging wars. A collection of containers for food, contained in my closets and the refrigerator. A container for CDs with contents. Negatives kept in plastic roll-containers kept in a plastic box kept in a drawer kept in a desk kept in a room kept in an apartment kept in a building. A container for garbage.

A container that will contain whatever is left of my body after I die. I do hope my relatives empty the container – so that my remnants are free. But there is a problem, the container will stay with my relatives. Please, put my ashes in a brown paper-bag and burn the bag after you scatter my ashes. Then scatter the ashes of the container.



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  1. Joanna Kurowska Says:

    It’s interesting that hoarding is considered a mental disorder; I’d rather think about it as a social or societal disorder. We have been brainwashed to accumulate things, endlessly. Commercials—and the whole social structure supporting them—manipulate our emotions (longings, fears), with the aim for us to grow attachments to things. Have you noticed, if you try to resell a thing you bought for, say, $17.00, if you manage to sell it at all, for the same thing you will get $5.00, at the best. This is its true “market” value (the thing may be totally worthless outside of the marketing considerations)—but mentally, to you it’s still a $17.00 item. So you keep it, though it clutters your living space, ultimately your life. Things need to be taken care of; dusted, rearranged… And we are their servants.


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