Stained Glass reviewed


A new, insightful review of Stained Glass has appeared on Amazon.

SG Front coverExcerpts: In a calm, reflective manner the poet evokes her life experiences . . . . I was particularly taken by the way she conducts her narration, which turns into a brief story about small details—such as often remain imperceptible to adults but are quite striking to a little girl . . . . Stained Glass is also a story of self-discovery through a ceaseless searching for answers regarding fundamental truths. Kurowska distances herself from widely accepted social and religious practices. Careful observation prompts her to question their overall legitimacy and validity. However, she is far from being a severe judge, in fact she does not pass any moral judgments. Rather, hers is the voice of a sensitive individual, who refuses to go through life in a meaningless and unreflective manner.

I am very grateful to the reviewer!



2016 Featured Illinois Author in Willow Review


2016 Featured Illinois Author in Willow Review:

As the Featured Illinois Author in the 2016 issue of Willow Review, the journal of the College of Lake County, I was interviewed by the editor Michael Latza; had several poems published in the journal, and read my poetry at the issue’s launch in the College of Lake County, on April 21.

I am deeply grateful to Michael Latza and the editorial team of Willow Review for this distinction.

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Newsletter 04/2016



Newsletter 04/2016: in Englishin Polish






TRANSCENDENCE—a poetry reading, together with the award-winning poet Terry Loncaric and other artists.

Thursday, April 7, 7:00 PM

Grassroots Store
211 Park Avenue
Barrington, IL 60010







Accumulation (a gentle word for organized hoarding) breeds containers. I am in a container that contains containers.

Plastic containers containing plastic goods, all made of petroleum for which we have been waging wars. A collection of containers for food, contained in my closets and the refrigerator. A container for CDs with contents. Negatives kept in plastic roll-containers kept in a plastic box kept in a drawer kept in a desk kept in a room kept in an apartment kept in a building. A container for garbage.

A container that will contain whatever is left of my body after I die. I do hope my relatives empty the container – so that my remnants are free. But there is a problem, the container will stay with my relatives. Please, put my ashes in a brown paper-bag and burn the bag after you scatter my ashes. Then scatter the ashes of the container.



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