Stained Glass reviewed


A new review of Stained Glass, by Ivaana Muse:

SG Front coverA visual delight.
It is usually difficult to see the unspeakable. Joanna does that masterfully in most of her poems. It is far more arduous to speak what cannot be seen, Joanna does this even better. Stained Glass is my favorite of all of Joanna’s poetry collections. Visually enterprising, this anthology is rich in emotions that one can connect with easily. Family bonding, memories unfolding, the quest for in-transient beauty, appreciation of light and acceptance of the dark are all translucently painted like impeccably textured stained glass panels. Loved that she chose the stained glass as a medium for her personal and artistic identity. The rhythmic coloristic interplay of words and feelings has the sweeping magic of a half lighted chapel in France or Belgium. Extraordinary!!!

Thank you so much, Ivaana!

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