The Day I Became An American


TBCSince I am a bi-lingual poet, the topic of language, especially of writing in two languages, recurs during my poetry readings and following discussions. Here is the link to a poem that addresses this particular theme: “The Day I Became An American”—first published in my poetry collection The Butterfly’s Choice, Broadstone Books 2015 (click the book cover to learn more about this collection).




Introducing Intricacies


INTRJoanna Kurowska’s latest collection of poems, Intricacies, burrows inside the heart and mind with spare, elegant writing, compact narratives of life, and lovely, lyrical language. In her quiet, soulful writing, Kurowska shines a light on the intricacies of life, faith, and our flawed humanity. The philosopher, poet, and academic, she composes vignettes of life that allow for nuance, while being rich in detail and wisdom. Kurowska has you questioning life, celebrating it, too. Boldly introspective, her poems linger with that rare combination of vision and intelligence.

Terry Loncaric

Author of Crashing in Velvet

Intricacies by Joanna Kurowska

(Finishing Line Press; coming soon!)


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