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Kurowska’s beautiful, thoughtful poems implore us to quiet our minds, our selves, to widen our imagining of what god is, to transform ourselves in the process.
Wendy Vardaman

Language….provides delight in whatever is present or whatever Presence is perceived.
Mary Harwell Sayler

Kurowska’s poems are ultimately upbeat, uplifting, and often gently humorous. They are the product of a mind that has faced and explored life’s uncertainties and chosen to embrace the positive.
Debbie Young


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4 Responses to “POET”

  1. dorianblogsite Says:

    How great to know such an inspiring talent. I appreciate your awesome outlook on life and your cause for responsive action within your use of poetry! That’s waaayy cool of you.


  2. Katia Mitova Says:

    A wonderful virtual home for your poetry, Joanna! Thank you for inviting us. I love the black & white — it allows us to see the colors of words.


  3. madhavisood Says:

    Look forward to reading your poems and loved your simple and wonderful blog. Would like to Read your poetry books someday soon. Best Wishes & Regards


  4. M. Garstecki Says:

    Like sound of music in total silence at four o’clock in the morning, you are reading my thoughts leaving the doors ajar into the Unknown. Thank you.


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